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Happy 2k17!

Happy New Year sweets!

I was browsing through my old posts and it's crazy how long it was! On the previous post, I was talking about my degree life and how I go through the first year and everything and look where I am now?
In case yall didn't know, I just finished my last semester for Bachelor Degree in Advertising! (eeps!)
I'll be doing my practical this March insyaAllah but I haven't decided where I wanted to apply into so I'm still doing my research (and resume hehe)

So what's up with 2k16?
Heck. It was an overwhelming feeling when I think about all those things I did last year. I developed new perspectives in life and changed a lot as a person. And I'm still with the same guy that I fell in love in 2011. I discovered new friends and I started to put myself first for the first time and it felt really good. So I'm gonna do a short timeline of 2016. Here u go!
(it's going to be a long one so bear with me!)

January 24th.
I went to Georgetown Penang with Dee! It was so fun. My first time travelling alone with friends. The plan was to go with myn and ema but both of them couldn't make it and we ended up going just the two of us. But it was a very fun trip, though. We went there for 3 days 2 nights and stayed at The Frame Guesthouse. The ambient was so cozy and the staff was so friendly. We basically went backpacking the whole trip and travel by feet. Great experience! Would love to do it again.

March 19th
Did yall know that I got a pet hedgehog? She's so sassy so I called her Yoncè. She hates me so bad the first time I got her but this day was the day that she's was so nice. I have this one video of her playing around and she let me pet her quills!

March 14th
I made new friends and they're basically my groupmates for the next two semesters. And I made an amazing bond with them ever since.

April 7th
First ever proper group photo with them girls.

Throughout May to June 26th
This was the rough months of the semester. I had this one big project under a lot of my courses that I took in my 4th semester. I had to undergo a crazy month of brainstorming and nerve-wracking nights to finish up the project and pitch the idea in front of a real client (which apparently didn't come on the actual date) but it was so stressful.. But thankfully that our hard work paid off. Alhamdulillah. We won the best big idea award.
I honestly didn't expect us to win. We screamed like a nutcrack when the screen popped out our names lmao. One of the best highlights of my 2016 definitely :)

On the same date, Sayang came back from the states for the Summer break! And bought me post-graduation gifts and belated gifts. Alhamdulillah.

Some photos I took with my classmates during our class events and such

And those days where less sleep were our best mate and due dates were piling up. Tiring days

June 18th & 28th
First iftar of the year with sayang, his family, alan & asif!
And on the following week I hung out with ema & myn!

July 6th
Celebrated Eidul Fit'ri with the Salleh's clan. Ieqa and family were MIA and she went to celebrate Raya on abang Adam's side. It was a decent year to celebrate as usual. We didn't went back to Pekan this year since Ayong will be going away to Seoul the following week. So slow raya indeed.

July 11th
The girls, fizam & Ikram came by to my house in Seremban. So nice of them to stop by and celebrate Raya with me. I was so happy that they came all the way from kl & bangi 💗

30th July.
Kak Farah go engaged with abang amir! So happy for her. She looks really good in her engagement dress. We surprised Aiman with a birthday cake. He seems so happy. I bought him a new pair of fancy sunglasses & a new fragrance that he loved!

August 21st
Went to the KLFW with my sister. The day that I went for was for the Eh x Fashionvalet collaborations with Lisa, Scha & Nabila Huda. It was a pretty neat collection. I didn't take that much of a picture during the event. But I really fancy scha's clothing selections. Seems super breezy and casual. Didn't get a chance to buy any from her collection though (their price tag looked pretty pricey) so meh.

August 22nd
Sayang left me for the states. This was the day I was kind of okay he's leaving. Knowing the fact that he'll be back by the end of this year (I was so thrilled that he'll be in Malaysia more than once!). I came by the airport to send him off with my sister, Ieqa and Mikail. So they met both of his parents that day and his mum thought that Mikail was my own little brother. Oh god, it was so kelakar. Haha. That's my first photo ever with his parents! Super stoked.

September 23rd
This was the hardest goodbye of the year. Yoncè left me that night and I cried so hard knowing the fact that she was so sick that I couldn't do anything to fix it. She took her last breath in my arms and slowly saying goodbye to me. I was honestly depressed the whole night. I sort of expected this to happened but in this sort of way. I knew she was quite on the obese side but I know she was obese in a happy way. I fed her well but maybe I wasn't taking care of her good enough. I even didn't expect to legit cried that bad. Ergh.

November 14th
Celebrated Amanna's belated birthday! We made a little picnic surprise at Adrina's apartment and it was so cute. Didn't expect her to cry and that shocked but thank god she wasn't suspicious about everything. Bought some balloons and home made spaghetti that she liked. Apparently one of the balloons (the expensive ones) went fly away and we freaked out and jumping tf outta ourselves trying to save the balloon but failed. All in all, it was a really good day!

December 3rd, 5th & 17th
So we (were forced to) entered an advertising video competition that was organized by this Chinese chambers association. At first we were like heck, this thing is just another burden that we don't want to go through anymore. So we ended up with an idea that is so simple that we could do the whole shot within one day and at one place. And so, we did it the video with a help of a friend. We didn't expect the turnout to be THAT GOOD. Our client were so impressed that they would want it to be a real production video but the competition result was not on their right to choose the winner.
And so we wait and tried our best to get into the top 3 (We had to go through the public views in order to qualify to the finals) and we did! We went to the final round and met the judges and they were pretty impressed I have to admit since their comments were more of complimenting rather than asking complex questions.
Few days after that they announced the winner.. and we won! It was a crazy night for me. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki that Allah had given us. I was so so happy. Thanks GM Klang for the opportunity and thank you to the organizer too. This is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my 2016! 😁

December 16th
Our final year project, ad campaign. And the last group photo with the MC244 clans! Will definitely miss these guys the most. They made advertising super competitive and exciting. It was fun while it lasts.

December 20th
Sayang is back for a month! This time I got the chance to fetch him at the airport with the girls!

December 23rd
Had our graduation dinner w our love ones at Jibby East

December 30th & 31st
Kak Farah tied the knot with abang amir! Such a beautiful wedding. I really love her pelamin and the theme of the night. I really fancy the fairy lights and transparent tents. Sadly, I didn't manage to stop by during their reception on Saturday but both of my parents did and they met his parents. Great news to end the new year with!

So I guess that's about it. That's the only thing I could remember that happened in 2016. It was sorta a rough and most definitely great year for me. I'm not sure how 'look forward I am' to go through this year but I just really hope it's going to better (but I'm not feeling it).

Thanks for keeping up with this slow blog of mine. See you guys next year perhaps? Hugs!

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